Song title or Band Name themed costume ideas?

Looking for song title or band name themed costume ideas for a halloween party. It could be for just one person or for my husband and i to do together.
I've already thought of a few, such as us both dressing as princes = Two Princes
Putting him in a “Big Yellow Taxi” costume.
Putting us in sweats, painting white lines on us = White Stripes
Can you think of any other creative, funny, etc. ideas we can use. All ideas welcome.
Thank you in advance for all your ideas and time.

Ideas For Couples Halloween Costumes

As Halloween comes closer, everyone wants to have a good costume. Clever or scary and original are the aims, and generally, the sooner you start planning and brainstorming, the better the costume is. Sadly, if you’re looking for good couple’s Halloween costumes, you might need to start planning even sooner. Of course, a good pair of couple’s Halloween costumes are doubly rewarding. Here is some advice when looking for your own couple’s Halloween Costumes.

Look for natural, and even unnatural, pairs. Dress up like Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Jack and Jill (as in, climbing up a hill), or a medieval king and queen. A lot of costume pairs work really well, even as inanimate objects, such as eggs and bacon or salt and pepper. This is very appealing option for couple’s Halloween costumes, and more and more Halloween costume shops and web sites offer a lot of these “pair” costumes as a package deal. And then there are the slightly less commonplace pairs, or perversions of pairs. Maybe instead of ketchup and mustard, go as ketchup and eggs, and showcase your preferred breakfast diet. Couple’s Halloween costumes are a great way to showcase your distinct creativity.

A fun way to approach couples’ Halloween costumes to use role reversals. As long as there has been costuming, people have used Halloween to dress “in drag”; female Charlie Chaplin’s and males in mini-skirts. The tradition continues with couple’s Halloween costumes; maybe the female would be a good mustachioed king as her male partner serves as “his” loving queen. These flipping abouts don’t have to follow gender lines. An accountant’s husband could dress the part of a nerd as she mockingly goes as an all-in-black musician. By flipping things around a little, you can get a big laugh.

Finally, the most creative appr
oach to couples’ Halloween costumes can be found in tandem costumes. The classic, and now cliche, was the two-person horse costume. Lately, I’ve seen a variation on tandem costumes that doesn’t even have a name that I can think of. I’ll simply call it the “Transformer” method. In this case, the two people went as… well, it looked like blocks of colors in no discernible shape or pattern. Until… when the two would come together and strike a certain pose, they looked exactly like a platter of sushi. Needless to say, they won the best costume prize at that particular costume party.

Couple’s Halloween costumes are a way to be twice as creative this Halloween. Whether by using famous pairs or slightly less-famous not-quite-pairs, reversal costumes, or some classic or variation on tandem costumes, Couples’ Halloween costumes are often the most fun and original costumes at the party.

By: Liza B

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